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Frequently Asked Questions...And Answers

Question: - How do I ensure that the storage container will suit my location and that the entry doors will be accessible on my site.
When placing your order we will discuss your site and inquire as to how you want to access your container. This will help us determine how the container is loaded onto the truck and ultimately how it is dropped on your site. Your options are to have the container loaded with the “doors to the cab of the truck” or “doors to the rear of the truck” and this is something you should consider when assessing your own site and making your plans for storage.
Question: - The doors to our shipping container/storage container will not shut with ease. Is there a problem with the doors?
If at all possible your storage container should be dropped on a relatively flat surface. The flat surface will allow for better movement of the doors and ease with opening and closing.
Question: - What sort of base do I need for my storage container?
The storage container can be dropped on any surface and as mentioned above, the more level the surface the better the doors will open and close. Please keep in mind that the mobile storage container weighs 5000 lbs. and if placing the container on an asphalt surface in the heat of the summer months you will definitely have some damage to your asphalt. We suggest that you place pieces of plywood under the corners of the container to minimize the damage to your asphalt base.
Question: - How are the shipping containers delivered and will there be any damage to my base upon delivery or pick up?
The shipping containers are delivered to your site on a “tilt n load” truck. The truck will tilt the container on a 30 degree angle drop the back corners of the container on the ground and then drag the truck bed out from underneath lowering the container down to the ground. If the surface is soft then there may be some movement when picking up the container but minimal as our drivers are very experienced and assess the location prior to dropping off so as to minimize any damage.
Question: - I would like to have the storage container relocated to another job site but I have some materials in it. Can this be done?
We can certainly move the storage container around with your remaining materials inside it. We will need to know in advance that there is material inside and we will need to know a general description of the material so that the drivers can determine the approximate weight. Please keep in mind that the container will be tilted on a 30 degree angle on pick up and drop off so any materials inside must be secured.
Questions: - What are some of the most common names used for these containers?
Most people make reference to these containers as Sea Cans, C Can, self storage containers, shipping containers, cargo containers, portable storage containers, mini mobile units.
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